Hope. Freedom. Recovery.
has a home
Soul Space
Hope. Freedom. Recovery.
has a home
Soul Space

A Community Health Home
for Culturally Responsive Social Supports and Resources to
Advance Health and Wellness for African Americans.

A Community Health Home for Culturally Responsive Social Supports and Resources to Advance Health and Wellness for African Americans.

What We Do

SOUL SPACE provides hands-on resources to maintain mental health, substance use prevention, financial stability, and emotional wellness through culturally affirming connections, education, and practical supports.

SOUL SPACE is COST-FREE to the Black community at large. We welcome individuals in unsafe and unhealthy living environments or transitioning from challenging life experiences and referrals from mental health and substance use practitioners.
Soul Space

Holistic Case Management, and Coaching, Support Groups & More

Through one-on-one sessions and in groups, with a collective of experts, professionals, and peers, SOUL SPACE provides a holistic wellness strategy with Black people, including the following core services, classes, and supports:

Individual, confidential assessments and empowerment plans

Case management and navigation supports

Culturally congruent support groups

Life skills education and coaching

Stress reduction, nutrition and fitness education, and classes

Financial empowerment classes and coaching

Employment and training counseling

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Capacity Building & Professional Development Trainings

In addition to Mental Health First Aid, SOUL SPACE offers customized training to build the capacity of community-based organizations and individuals to increase their ability to respond effectively to the behavioral health needs of the Black community.

Featured Speaker

Dr. La Tanya Takla, Clinical Psychologist
Dr La Tanya Takla

Dr. La Tanya Takla is an Educational Psychologist as well as a dually Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in California. Dr. Takla has been a licensed mental health provider for over a decade and works with a broad spectrum of clients. In addition to clinical practice, she is an Associate Professor at the University of Phoenix and teaches in the Masters in Professional Counseling Program. Dr. Takla is the Director of Spark Center’s Inclusive Mental Health Initiative. She facilitates training for therapists who work with ethnic minorities as well as provides consultation for therapists. Dr. Takla regularly conducts groups and workshops for the unique needs of clients including Healing from Race-Based Trauma and Stress as well as psychoeducation for grief, loss, and coping. Dr. Takla is passionate about providing culturally informed responsive services. She aims to promote therapeutic environments that foster awareness and encourage equitable participation of all groups; while seeking to address and acknowledge issues of oppression, privilege, and power. Dr. Takla is a collaborative, interactive, solution-focused therapist. She provides compassionate support and practical feedback to help clients and community members effectively cope while addressing life challenges.

Upcoming Training

Friday, April 16th

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Alliances

This interactive workshop will focus on the role of alliances with others as it pertains to Black people’s mental health and wellness. Relationship dynamics at work, school, and interpersonal dynamics will be explored. Healthy and Unhealthy alliances will be defined and examined. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect and explore concepts related to microaggressions, macroaggressions, as well as ways to effectively address these challenges personally and professionally. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn, develop and create healing practices. Ways to identify, address and improve unhealthy alliances will be explored.

Friday, April 23rd

Becoming Allies to ourselves

Through thoughtful reflection of personal and professional experiences the role of “allyship with self” will be defined and discussed. This workshop will be focused on self-advocacy, the role of privilege and power, social and racial identities, and the impact that these concepts have on Black people’s mental health and wellness. Workshop participants will be given the opportunity to create an action plan to develop a healthy alliance action plan for themselves.

Alliance of Community Partners

SOUL SPACE is building on an alliance of community partners with a focus on Black residents with essential needs for mental health/substance use prevention, early intervention, and criminal justice reentry services.

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SOUL SPACE is made possible through

A Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services Time-Limited Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) Community-Driven grant, with the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), Prop. 63 PEI funds administered through the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA).

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