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It is our mission to provide cost-effective training and consulting solutions designed to meet emerging needs for staff development, organizational growth, and equitable outcomes, through a social justice lens.

Deversity Equity Inclusion - ONTRACK Program Resouces

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Consulting and trainings aimed at creating truly harmonious teams and workplaces.
Behavioral Health - ONTRACK Program Resouces

Behavioral Health

Training those working with individuals and communities addressing mental health and substance use concerns.”
Organizational Development - ONTRACK Program Resouces

Organizational Development

Implementing practices, strategies, and techniques that create powerful change.
Health & Wellness - ONTRACK Program Resouces

Health & Wellness

Workshops, retreats, and classes that address the whole person.

"ONTRACK is “ground zero” for existing or non-profit start-ups. On day one, ONTRACK executed a superior assessment of our non-profit’s mission. Their strategy saves time and money, quickly builds leadership confidence, and provides the tools for good governance."

Kush United, Inc.

“ONTRACK demonstrates a strong and enthusiastic commitment to educating which is highly regarded by the UCDHS Clinical Social Services Education Committee.”

- John M. Ebersberger, LCSW, Department of Clinical Social Services/Discharge Planning UCDHS

“Being transparent in his training methods made the training one of the best I’ve attended in a long while.”

Participant who attended Techniques for Working with Trauma Affected Youth

“At times when county’s resources are significantly limited, ONTRACK’s staff has always supported our needs and endless requests in a timely and expeditious manner. ONTRACK technical support is undoubtedly a strong complement to the county’s strategic plan.”

Contra Costa Health Services

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Interested in discovering how The Philani Institute can assist your organization in enhancing diversity, advancing skills, and fostering inclusivity? We’re here to support you. Our training and services are fully adaptable to align with your organization’s requirements.

Anita Ross

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