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Organizational Development


Organizational Development - ONTRACK Program Resouces

ONTRACK possesses a wealth of resources and expertise to help organizations develop and manage core programs and services that engage individuals, communities, and other stakeholders over time.

Our capacity building and organizational development trainings give participants key steps to design, implement, manage, and evaluate programs in an effective and cohesive way. Trainings support nonprofit organizations to establish processes of accountability that promote federal and contractual compliance.

Key objectives of ONTRACK’s capacity-building, leadership, and management training offerings include:

  • Develop a vision map, that incorporates program management, staffing plans, and reporting requirements
  • Improve ethics, consent, and data collection
  • Learn the importance of implementing a strategic plan
  • Improve quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Learn successful strategies for change management in organizations
  • Learn executive board management and nonprofit corporate law
  • Examine group decision-making methods
  • Identify specific strategies for outreach, engaging and encouraging participation by various community sectors
  • Increase understanding of the goals and objectives of the strategic planning process
  • Learn the basic elements of a working evaluation plan including measurable outcomes
  • Learn the basics of organizational infrastructure development
  • Learn marketing concepts and strategies
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  • Racial Equity Planning Processes
  • African American Leadership Development Series
  • Building Capacity from the Community Up (focuses on community and faith-based organization roles in county-level service delivery systems)
  • Change from Challenge to Opportunity
  • Communication Skills: From Misunderstandings to Improved Effectiveness
  • Developing Successful Community Partnerships
  • Effective Nonprofit Governance and Board Management
  • Empowering Diverse Voices: Community Engagement Through Focus Groups and Community-Based Forums
  • Financial Management and Accounting Basics for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Fund Development: Growing Resources
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • It’s All About the People: Effective Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Change from Challenge to Opportunity
  • Team Building for Increased Success
  • Managing Conflict in Organizations
  • Marketing Basics: Get the Word Out
  • Mission/Vision/Values – Create, Review, Revise, Recommit
  • Nonprofit Management (Community and faith-based organizations learn to align plans and processes with government guidelines for nonprofit management and compliance.)
  • Program Development for High-Quality Programs and Services
  • Program Evaluation from Start to Finish
  • Socio-Economic Factors Leading to Poor Health Outcomes
  • Strategic Planning: Paving a Road for the Future

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