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Organizational Development


Organizational Development - ONTRACK Program Resouces

ONTRACK specializes in supporting non-profit organizations in implementing new strategies, practices, systems, and techniques to create positive change in performance, compliance, and/or culture.

We help our clients with:

  • Develop skills, knowledge, competencies, and attitudes at the individual level.
  • Establish or optimize structures, processes, and procedures at the organizational level.
  • Build optimal teams.
  • Learn the basics of organizational infrastructure development.
  • Understand and navigate organizational change.
  • Learn successful approaches for change management within the organization.
  • Improve quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Improve ethics, consent, and data collection.
  • Identify specific strategies for outreach, engaging, and encouraging participation by various community sectors.
  • Learn marketing concepts and strategies to increase program impact.
  • Learn the importance of implementing a strategic plan.
  • Create, Revise, or Recommit to your Mission, Vision, and Values.
  •  Developing a vision map, that incorporates program management, staffing plans, and reporting requirements.
  •  Learning the basic elements of a working evaluation plan that includes measurable outcomes.
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative community data.
  • Gather community input through population-specific focus groups.
  • Gather community input through surveys and assessments.
  • Develop effective communication strategies tailored for specific communities.
  • Hold community forums that foster open communication
  • Understand and embrace adaptive leadership.
  • Establish effective communication.
  • Build self-awareness and influence.
  • Build effective conflict management skills.
  • Implement organizational change successfully.

We provide targeted support, in all areas of our expertise, to organizations with a development need or problem. Some examples of our TA services include but are not limited to:

  • Executive board management and nonprofit governance
  • Fundraising and growing resources
  • Financial management and accounting basics for nonprofit organizations
  • Leadership development
  • Program evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing basics

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Interested in discovering how The Philani Institute can assist your organization in enhancing diversity, advancing skills, and fostering inclusivity? We’re here to support you. Our training and services are fully adaptable to align with your organization’s requirements.

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Project Manager

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