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California Black Health Network (CBHN)

ONTRACK Program Resources (ONTRACK), in partnership with California Black Health Network, with funding from CBHN, worked collectively to provide information dissemination and accountability. This programming will include clear and succinct instructions for how marginalized members can easily access mental health services and how they can become involved in advocating through the MHSA CPP Process, LMHB, and Cultural Competency.

Project Goals

  • Each county will talk about how they envision engaging with the community and what types of cultural considerations/changes they are considering or planning in order to make engagement easier
  • Gather information on not only mental health needs and perspectives, but also what County can do to increase cultural consideration for their programming and to reduce disparities for that specific population
  • The community will not only provide their perspective but also say how they plan to or would like to work with the County to continue the involvement
  • For each event, we plan to engage in similar sets of activities before, during, and after the event, while recognizing that there will be differences between approaches depending on the community and audience

Technical Assistance & Training Requests

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