MAT Access Points Project Prevention and Education in Communities of Color

The flagship program from Soul Space by ONTRACK

Project Goal

Our goal is to create a Call to Action campaign for the Black/African American community in Sacramento that will address the opioid and other drug crises in an effective and culturally responsive way.

We Need Your Help

ONTRACK seeks your assistance in helping us respectfully recruit 30+ Blacks/African Sacramento Americans, ages 18+ with lived past or present experience with opioid addiction (including heroin, Fentanyl, and other prescription painkillers).

We will be conducting confidential focus groups that will anonymously inform our content development team of the trainings, technical assistance and other project activities needed to inprove this crisis.

Incentives & Transportation Assistance

$30 Gift Card

$10 Travel Reimbursement

Refreshments will be provided

Focus Group Dates

There are no focus groups schedule at this time.

Please check back!

Join Our Focus Group

To join our focus group you can descreetly and securly connect with the Paul Moore, Partnership Development Manager, by phone, email, or the simple form below. You can be as anonymous you would like.

(916) 285-1808

Learn About

Soul Space

With these eight months of funding, ONTRACK is officially launching SOUL SPACE, a community health home for culturally responsive social supports and resources to address and fill advance health and wellness for African Americans.

SOUL SPACE addresses critical gaps in the continuum of behavioral health services that are known to be especially detrimental to the wellbeing of the Black community. Through, SOUL SPACE ONTRACK will establish a coordinated network of in-community wellness supports to address the whole person spectrum of prevention and recovery supports, including case management, self-care, support groups, classes, and life and job skills resources.

We will start by focusing on increasing knowledge, collaboration, and access to appropriate services, in a way that is aligned with our overarching vision to eliminate disparities through caring, compassionate, community-centered approaches to health and wellness.