Overview of Services

At the heart of ONTRACK’s work is the intrinsic cultural competency framing of our capacity-building services designed to promote health and wellness of diverse and vulnerable communities.

ONTRACK provides high quality, cost-effective, customized services to help organizations be more effective, have better impact, and outcomes when working with diverse clients, staff and communities. Our services can also assist you and your staff addressing HR and service delivery compliance issues.

ONTRACK offers customized technical assistance and best practices training in service areas including:

  • Cultural Competence, cultural humility, diversity, inclusion and equity, and compliance with the National CLAS Standards
  • Gender-responsive, and trauma-informed service
  • Clinical skills building
  • Agency Assessments; SWOT Analysis, Strategic Planning; Capacity-building; Data Collection, and Evaluation
  • Program, leadership and organizational development;
  • Marketing, public relations, outreach and engagement
  • Cross-Systems Service Integration

All of our services are specially tailored to meet our client’s needs, and have included: behavioral health, health care, social services, education, domestic violence and criminal justice entities, community and faith-based organizations. Trainings can and will be developed to fit your unique requirements; as well as continuing education units (CEU’s) provided upon request. 

Technical Assistance/Consultation

Technical assistance for clients generally includes assessments, research, resource gathering, capacity building, consultation, advice and customizing training to meet your organization’s unique needs.ONTRACK is a leading provider of technical assistance and training services that support organizations as they tackle the challenges and maximize the opportunities associated with providing high quality, effective services for an increasingly diverse group of clients and staff. Strategies are designed to tackle immediate needs, especially if compliance issues are involved, as well as addressing underlying issues that lead to disparities. ONTRACK’s consultants bring professional expertise and first-hand knowledge of the components necessary for success.


Training delivery varies. Most workshops are half-day or full day trainings, though in special circumstances, trainings can be as short as an hour or as long as a series of full or half-day sessions that span several months or years.