About The Philani Institute

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Born out of the desire to continue supporting strategies that promote health, wellness and other social justice outcomes in a time of dwindling public resources, ONTRACK Program Resources established The Philani Institute.

This component of ONTRACK provides affordable fee-for-service options designed to meet your ongoing needs for staff development training, program management consulting, and other organizational support, not supported by public funding.

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Customized consulting and training options through The Philani Institute include, but are not limited to culturally responsive:

Clinical and Professional Skill Development Training

Assessment and Evaluation

Strategic Planning

Organizational Management

Program and Product Development

Educational Resources, Financial Management, Operations, and Systems Development

Leadership Training and Coaching

Conference and Event Planning

And Much, Much More…

Philani means “BE WELL” in Zulu.

We chose the name Philani because the word “well” has so many meanings that relate to our work:

  • We help people BE WELL (feel happy and remain emotionally and mentally healthy) in work environments that support a diversity of identities and needs.
  • Our trainers are WELL respected.
  • And, we help organizations achieve WELLNESS through culturally responsive best practices