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ONTRACK Program Resources (ONTRACK) is a leader in providing high quality, cost-effective training, customized consultation, and technical assistance (TTA) to improve workforce skills, service delivery, programs, and systems to better serve increasingly diverse communities. Our pool of 100+ consultants has extensive expertise across a broad range of topics including: behavioral health, health care, social services, education, criminal justice, human resources, and other related fields.

Since 1997, ONTRACK has built a reputation for providing culturally responsive, strengths-based, applicable expertise to hundreds of organizations across a wide range of behavioral health, health care, human services, educational, and social justice issues.

ONTRACK offers a wide variety of trainings designed to help organizations and service providers effectively implement culturally responsive, evidence-based best practices amongst their workforce, and throughout the organization. Our trainings are guaranteed to improve your service delivery, and impact your bottom line. For more information on our areas of expertise, click here.

ONTRACK offers consulting and training services to organizations in several areas including:


  • Clinical skills building
  • Code compliance
  • Capacity building, program and organizational development, leadership, management technical assistance and training
  • Cultural competence, diversity, inclusion, equity, and the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards

Our trainings can be amended and personally tailored to your program area and organizational need. Additionally, new trainings can be developed to fit your unique requirements. In many cases, CEU’s are available. Training delivery varies. Most workshops are half-day trainings, though in special circumstances, trainings can be as short as an hour or as long as a series of full or half-day sessions that span several months or years.

A key component of ONTRACK’s strength is its pool of more than 100 highly accomplished and diverse consultants with a range of expertise in health, behavioral health, social service, and prevention and wellness promotion fields. ONTRACK consultants are known for their:


  • respectful and client-centered approach
  • strength-based focus
  • ability to customize capacity-building services to client needs
  • understanding and ability to relate to the community issues faced by clients

ONTRACK’s clientele includes governmental agencies, social service agencies, domestic violence shelters, treatment centers, faith and nonprofit communities, and other organizations that serve diverse populations, with regard to culture, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, geography and socio-economic and mental health statuses.

Major clients and partners have included:


  • California Department of Health Care Services
  • California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
  • California Department of Public Health
  • California Institute for Mental Health/Center for Multicultural Development (now California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions)
  • Center for Applied Research Solutions
  • U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
  • Sierra Health Foundation
  • Nonprofit Resource Center
  • The California Wellness Foundation


ONTRACK is “ground zero” for existing or non-profit start-ups. On day one, ONTRACK executed a superior assessment of our non-profit’s mission. Their strategy saves time and money, quickly builds leadership confidence, and provides the tools for good governance.”
– Kush United, Inc.

“At times when county’s resources are significantly limited, ONTRACK’s staff has always supported our needs and endless requests in a timely and expeditious manner. ONTRACK technical support is undoubtedly a strong complement to the county’s strategic plan.”
– Contra Costa Health Services

“Being transparent in his training methods made the training one of the best I’ve attended in a long while.”
– Participant who attended Techniques for Working with Trauma Affected Youth

ONTRACK demonstrates a strong and enthusiastic commitment to educating which is highly regarded by the UCDHS Clinical Social Services Education Committee.”
– John M. Ebersberger, LCSW, Department of Clinical Social Services/Discharge Planning UCDHS


For more information on our areas of expertise, click here.