Our Story

Since 1997, ONTRACK Program Resources (ONTRACK) has been a leader in the  provision of training, consulting and technical assistance services aimed at reducing disparities, and improving services for diverse communities. ONTRACK has built a reputation for providing culturally responsive, strengths-based, applicable expertise to hundreds of organizations across a wide range of behavioral health, health care, human services, educational, and social justice issues.

ONTRACK Staff 2013


ONTRACK’s specialty is our ability to capture and clearly articulate a client’s needs, merge those with best practices, and real world experience/success, into a formidable service delivery plan.

We strengthen the knowledge, staffing capabilities and infrastructure of organizations tackling the complex needs of diverse clients and staff. We strive for both immediate impact and long-term improvement.

A key component of ONTRACK’s strength is our pool of over 100 highly accomplished and diverse consultants with a range of expertise. Our consultants are known for their:

  • ability to customize services to specifically address clients needs
  • respectful and client-centered approach to service delivery
  • strength-based focused service delivery
  • understanding of, and ability to relate to, the issues faced by clients

ONTRACK’s clientele has included: behavioral health providers, including alcohol, drug and mental health treatment centers; health care providers and their respective networks; social service agencies; educational institutions; correctional facilities; for-profits agencies; community, faith-based and other organizations that are interested in enhancing their capabilities and impact with their respective service populations.


Where possible, ONTRACK secures governmental contracts that subsidize some of our work. When such funding is not available, ONTRACK is committed to collaborating with clients to find the best and most cost-effective strategy to achieve the desired results.



ONTRACK Program Resources’ mission is to strengthen programs for underserved communities by collaborating with diverse groups, leveraging knowledge, and advocating for policy change to improve social justice outcomes.


ONTRACK is a leading social justice organization dedicated to eliminating disparities through caring, compassionate, community-centered approaches to health and wellness.


ONTRACK is “ground zero” for existing or non-profit start-ups. On day one, ONTRACK executed a superior assessment of our non-profit’s mission. Their strategy saves time and money, quickly builds leadership confidence, and provides the tools for good governance.
Kush United, Inc.

“At times when county’s resources are significantly limited, ONTRACK’ staff have always supported our needs and endless requests in a timely and expeditious manner. ONTRACK technical support is undoubtedly a strong complement to the county’s strategic plan.”
Contra Costa Health Services

“Being transparent in his training methods made the training one of the best I’ve attended in a long while.”
Participant who attended Techniques for Working with Trauma Affected Youth

“ONTRACK demonstrates a strong and enthusiastic commitment to educating which is highly regarded by the UCDHS Clinical Social Services Education Committee.”
Department of Clinical Social Services/Discharge Planning UC Davis Health Services